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Our expert trapping and removal services remove the unwanted pests, but also include plans to mitigate and discourage continued occurences.

From your home & business to your hunting camp and country property, our wildlife and pest removal services are tailored to your specific needs.  We use the latest methods to safely and effectively remove unwanted wildlife and pests from your property.

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Squirrel Removal

Raccoon Removal

Bat Removal

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Safe & Effective Removal

"Pure Wildlife Control were friendly and effective at removing the family of opossums that were terrorizing our cats."

Carol Smith


"We had a large beaver dam that was built over a summer that Jeff was able to trap and remove"

Jim Bradford


"Jeff is an expert trapper, after 3 nights he was successful in removing the racoon. 5 Stars!"

Molly Hefner



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for wildlife control?

Each situation involves different animals, methods and time. Because of this there is no way to give one price. Pure Wildlife Control will come out and provide you with a free inspection and come up with the most cost-effective control method for your situation.

Do all wild animals carry the rabies virus?

No, all wild animals do not carry the rabies virus. Only a small percentage of wild animals are infected with the rabies virus.  In Alabama, there are two different strains of rabies virus: the raccoon variant and the bat variant. The raccoon variant can infect other wildlife, such as foxes, coyotes, and skunks; but more importantly, it can infect people's pets.

What traps do you use for wildlife control?

Here again one answer will not cover all species. We use all types of traps depending on the species and situation.  The cage/box trap is the most common type trap we use with various sizes for different species of animals.

What methods do you use for wildlife control?

We use many different methods to control wildlife depending on the species and control goals. We use trapping, exclusion, habitat modification and frightening devices to control problem wildlife. Depending on the situation we may use only one method or a combination of methods to meet the control goals




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