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Raccoons are found all over the state of Alabama, in fact they can be found all over the United Stated except for the Rocky Mountains and the desert southwest. The raccoon is a stocky animal usually two to three foot long and weigh between twenty and thirty pounds. Raccoons are very easy to identify salt and pepper black with a black mask over their eyes and black ringed tail. Most people think they are cute and harmless but raccoons are second only to bats in carrying rabies. Raccoons are omnivores and very opportunistic feeders. They will feed on everything from acorns, fruits, grains, pet food, crayfish, and small mammals, eggs from ground nesting birds and foraging in trash cans.  Raccoons will den in almost any structure from a holloed out tree to residential attics. Being a primarily nocturnal animal they can be seen during daylight hours but is not common.

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